An initiative enabling Professors across the world to join efforts towards environmental and social impact


The Prototypes for Humanity Collaboration Programme invites professors in its community to connect with peers around common research interests.

The initiative will bring together professors whose work is responding to similar global issues, but from a different and complementing perspective (discipline, geography, technology, etc.) The premise is that, within curated working groups, professors can leverage each other’s experience and explore ways of working together to address complex challenges.

Prototypes for Humanity will take a supporting role, mapping shared interests across its global network and structuring the ensuing interactions and working groups. The goal for 2023 is to identify, across all discussions and research topics, the very mechanisms needed to enable next steps – and ultimately empower collective academic action. We believe that professors from different disciplines and backgrounds can, together, propose solutions with greater net impact.

Prototypes for Humanity will also invite international development agencies in the social and environmental space to contribute to the discussions, bring perspective about both challenges and solutions, directly from the field.