On a bad day, breathing Beijing’s air is equivalent to smoking 21 cigarettes

Aura is an enhanced personal air purifier that generates a stream of clean air for its users. Using a built-in air quality sensor, Aura also tracks the level of air pollution. This data raises awareness and enables users to take alternative measures to avoid highly polluted areas. As the network of Aura users expands, a live feed of crowd sourced pollution information will generate a reliable real time forecast.

Hsin-Hua Yu (Sheana)

  • Hsin-Hua Yu (Sheana)
    Royal College of Art

    Sheana is a product designer and social entrepreneur, who has exhibited in major design capitals from London, Milan to Tokyo. She has won international design awards, and has been endorsed by Innovation RCA as this year’s fellow. Sheana will continue to take her final year project forward at RCA’s incubator, delivering impactful solutions to universal users.more


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