A scent barrier for chemotherapy patients

Bariair is a system of air flows that allows cancer patients to regulate the smells around their hospital bed. A series of strategically placed high-speed air blades create an olfactory ‘pocket’ around the bed, keeping the patient’s chosen scent within their immediate surroundings. Chemotherapy patients often experience a heightened sense of smell, causing nausea and vomiting. Bariair provides a practical solution to this, allowing patients to choose and control the smells around them, allowing for a more tranquil and healing hospital stay.

Clemence Guyot

  • Clemence Guyot
    Strate School of Design

    After graduating from Strate, School of Design (France), majoring in spatial conception, Clémence Guyot has developed a strong belief in the power of design, as a tool and a mean, to develop the most appropriate products and spaces for people’s uses. Because, according to her, every design must be evolving around human needs in its daily life, she is particularly interested in medical design subjects and social challenges. Furthermore, she focuses her approach on working hand in hand with the users and the stakeholders to create meaningful projects. Along her experiences, Clémence has applied the design thinking methodology in different structures and contexts which left her today with the ongoing desire to seek new (design) environments to explore.more


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