Monitor your health from home

Blink is a smart device designed to measure vital signs and perform basic medical tests at home. It guides the user, collects data, reports it to a physician and enables feedback from a doctor or nurse. The device measures blood pressure and body temperature and can be used to perform blood, urine and saliva tests. Blink empowers self-monitoring, encouraging users to be more proactive with their own health.

Belfug Sener

  • Belfug Sener
    Middle East Technical University

    Belfug Sener recently graduated from College for Creative Studies, Detroit with a MFA degree in Integrated Design . Her undergraduate degree is Industrial Design, from Middle East Technical University, Turkey. Throughout her education, she had a chance to experience different fields of design, find passion and set her objectives as a designer. She found her personal interest and created her own ‘meaning’ by user-centered research and experience in healthcare and social impact fields with an awareness of and sensitivity towards sociocultural and technological contexts. With her graduation project Blink, she has received gold awards in both IDEA and Spark Design Awards. Currently she is working at Motorola Solutions, as an experience designer.more

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