Bubu Digital


A pacifier that reports to parents

Bubu Digital is an electronic baby pacifier designed to monitor an infant’s body temperature. Designed to be low cost, the device builds inexpensive, widely available microcontrollers and sensors into a conventional baby pacifier. Bubu Digital is connected to a mobile app that receives regular updates on the baby’s condition, providing parents with an easy and more accurate way of checking on their children’s health.

Júlio Cézar Coelho Barbosa Torquato

  • Júlio Cézar Coelho Barbosa Torquato
    Federal Institute of Paraiba

    The team is formed by three students of electrical engineering at Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia da Paraíba. Moreover, they have in common a big passion to help others, whether within the academy or in the community. With different knowledge backgrounds in focus, they believe that putting their skills together will forming a strong and competitive team. The team is composed of people with recognized projects in different fields, such as electronics, IT and robotics. Júlio, 21 years old, has being a outstanding student in your class for your participation in educational events and robotics competition. Rychard, 24 years old, was eligible for a one-year sandwich scholarship at the University of New South Wales, Australia. Adjamilton, 36 years old, he was an exchange student for the Science without Borders program, which was allocated in the United States for 18 months. And has recognized projects as a web developer.more

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