A central venous catheter for emergencies

A central venous catheter is a catheter that is placed into a patient’s large vein. Medication administered through it is rapidly absorbed by the body, making it potentially life-saving in emergency situations. Inserting a catheter during emergencies can be challenging, and the procedure is not currently used by paramedics. Cevec provides an easy-to-use catheter that can be safely administered in an emergency situation by reducing the necessary steps and tools to a minimum. It considers specific conditions such as unsteady surroundings, untrained users and time pressure, ensuring a fast and easy application.

Gabriel Muller

  • Gabriel Muller
    Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design

    Gabriel is a designer passionate about creating solutions that encourage positive change. He loves to work on complex challenges which require a deep understanding of the users and the context. Currently, Gabriel works at a design studio in Munich, where he is part of an interdisciplinary team envisioning futures for the healthcare and mobility sector.His education brought him from Germany to Austria, Denmark and Sweden. He holds an MA in Medical Design from the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts in Kiel, Germany.more

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