Circuit Chair


A chair for sitting, shelving and storage

Circuit Chair is a piece of multifunctional furniture designed for libraries. The project combines elements of seating, shelving and storage. Described by its designers as ‘ArchiFurniture’, Circuit Chair offers its users a single place for rest, work, socializing and shelter. The design itself functions as a circuit, connecting activities, materials and forms to create a single, space-efficient whole.

Maryam Alhammadi

  • Zayed University

    Maryam Alhammadi an Emirati interior designer who is passionate about design and loves connecting it with UAE culture. Maryam was born in 1995 in Dubai and currently lives in the capital Abu Dhabi. She curiously considered Art and design as her passion especially interior spaces design since she was in middle school. while in high school, Maryam spent time studying design trends in both interior design and architecture, which led her to have an interest in that especially furniture design. Over the past few years Maryam has developed her sense of design, and at the core of this development is the influence of her culture. Maryam has participated in several competitions, most recently a design competition; Solar Decathlon competition in Dubai, won the vision factory competition of designing multifunction furniture piece, and also participated in a research team with Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, which concluded with results that improves national housing for future generations.more

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