Corridor Society


This furniture turns a hallway into a living room

Corridor Society is a collection of furniture designed to transform corridors into social spaces. Due to a lack of affordable housing, the communal living rooms of shared flats in cities like London are often rented out as extra bedrooms. This leaves precious little space for flatmates to spend time together or entertain guests. Corridor Society responds to this loss by reimagining the hallway as a place to hang out — rather than speed through. The collection features four pieces: a seat that wraps around a corner; a combined seat and coat rack; a stackable shelving unit and a set of wall-mounted cushions. These four pieces represent a new species of furniture designed to minimize lost space while encouraging people gather and linger in the hallways.

Seray Ozdemir

  • Seray Ozdemir
    Royal College of Art

    Seray is an architect and product designer whose work is heavily informed by anthropological and sociological theory. She is fascinated by finding out how power structures and political ideologies are embedded in and projected through mundane practices of everyday life. Her work constructs a radical contemporary response to the current shifts taking place in urban and domestic topologies that are reflected in the structure of today's society. She is excited by exploring how built environment influences behaviour and whether the spaces we inhabit correspond to the way we live or wish to live. Within this framework, her current practice is based on cultivating positive behavioural change by closing the gap between the layout and new models of living.more

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