A treatment management app for dementia patients’ caregivers

DemiCare is an application that supports the wellbeing of dementia patients and informal caregivers by organizing the patient’s daily routine and training. The chronic and progressive nature of the disease can impose physical and emotional distress on the well-being of primary informal caregivers, this reflects on the well-being of the patient.

The application allows caregivers to conduct cognitive tests and games to track disease progression over time, while keeping them up-to-date on the different types and stages of cognitive impairment, thereby easing the process of understanding and finding ways to cope and deal with new challenges that occur on a daily basis with the patient.

Donia Elshimy

  • Donia Elshimy

    Donia Elshimy

    The American University in Cairo

    I am a graphic designer, graduated from the American University in Cairo. I focus on creating design that is functional and bring strong design methodologies and solutions to urgent and contemporary topics. Designing for dementia patients and informal caregivers is extremely difficult and challenging in terms of functionality, practicality and accessibility. My primary research focuses on find solutions that can be implemented to support the wellbeing and quality of life of both primary informal caregivers and dementia patients. more

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