A temporary habitat that assists in the rehabilitation process of wildlife during oil spills

DR.POW (Deployable Rehabilitation Pool for Oiled Wildlife) is a temporary habitat that assists in the rehabilitation of coastal wildlife during oil spills. The user connects a hose to a valve located at the base of the pool. The incoming water causes the device’s outer membrane to expand, giving the habitat its shape. An optional covering structure is attached to allow for the temporary containment of seabirds. When fully deployed, the pool uses a removable water-jet system that breaks the surface tension of the water to simulate ocean waves and producing an environment closer to nature. DR.POW increases response efficiency during oil spills, and enables quicker and better treatment of at-risk animals.

Cameron Holder

  • Cameron Holder
    Massey University

    Cameron graduated from Massey University in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Industrial Design (First class honors). He has been working as a junior designer and CNC operator at Human Dynamo Workshop in Wellington since November 2015. Due to the diversity in projects ranging from small batch production through to large scale projects he has developed an understanding of design for fabrication. In 2016, his university Major project “DR.POW” won a Red dot design concept award, a Silver best award in the New Zealand Best awards and was National runner up in the New Zealand James Dyson awards. Cameron has a strong appreciation for products that are designed for a cause. He believes we have a responsibility for the objects we bring into this world and we should strive to make them as well resolved as possible.more

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