Gloves to confidently perform first aid

While most people will learn to perform first aid at some stage in their life, this knowledge is often lost as it is not used or practiced. Along with a fear of contamination, this loss of knowledge will often prevent people from performing first aid as they prefer to wait for a more experienced person to intervene. This pair of printed latex gloves addresses this issue by providing clear instructions through internationally understandable pictograms. A first aid checklist is provided, and the wearer is guided through the basic steps of checking airflow, placing the patient in the recovery position, and performing a thorax compression if necessary.

Anna Koppmann

  • Anna Koppmann
    University of the Arts Berlin (UdK – Berlin)

    Anna Koppmann, born in 1993 in Munich, Germany, earned a degree in fashion design from the ESMOD in Munich in 2014. In 2016 she started her studies at the Universität der Künste Berlin where she is focussing on impactful product design. Anna Koppmann worked for various design offices in Munich, Berlin, Brussels and Rotterdam with a main emphasis in fashion, graphic, textile and product design.more

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