Water faucet/dispenser that encourages conservation

H2Wall is a water-dispensing device that allows the controlled consumption of water. The flat, wall-mounted device is attachable to any wall, and connects to the water supply. To operate, users simply choose either hot or cold water, set the amount required, and press to open the tap, allowing it to pour. H2Wall ’s built-in system allows it to measure the amount of water used and calculate monthly water consumption. This estimated monthly consumption is displayed on the device’s screen while it’s not in use, thus encouraging users to reflect on their habits. H2Wall is a reimagined faucet that enables the user to have a more conscious engagement with their water consumption.

Lucas Ruffinengo

  • Lucas Ruffinengo
    National University of Mar del Plata

    Lucas Ruffinengo is an Argentine designer graduated from National University of Mar del Plata in 2017. He bases his works on the belief that design can transform the artificial environment of people to create new collective and individual standards of behavior , that can lead to overcome different social problems. The change can begin with conscious design and innovation applied to everyday objects.more

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