Hong Kong Tomorrow Vision


A graphic campaign to stem urban development in the ocean

Hong Kong Tomorrow Vision is a public-advocacy project that reflects on and criticises the Hong Kong Government’s proposal of building an artificial island in reclaimed waters off the eastern coast of Lantau Island. Put forward as a solution to the city’s housing shortage, the construction of the island would mark an irreversible change to the natural habitat. In order to avoid this, the designer proposes a new urban scheme in which the New Territories and Kowloon Peninsula become the ‘Living City’ and Hong Kong Island the ‘Monetary City’, while Lantau Island is preserved as the ‘Oasis of Nature’. A newspaper, pamphlets, postcards and tote bags are produced to carry the message to the public, acting as both a source of information and a call to action.

Yi Kwan Jennifer Yip

  • The University of Hong Kong

    Jennifer is a recent graduate from the University of Hong Kong. She completed her thesis project Hong Kong Tomorrow Vision under the guidance of Professor Nasrine Seraji. Her works constantly reflect on the social responsibility of architects and respond to the urgency of architecture in the complex political and social conditions. She is keen on engaging with the public through designing in dynamic scales and medias.more

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