Combine all of your kitchen appliances in a single device designed to last forever

HUB is a multipurpose kitchen appliance designed for long life and easy repair. In a single product, HUB combines a coffee maker, kettle, blender, and mixer. The product’s modular design allows for simple disassembly and repair or replacement of component parts. HUB employs a part share modularity to build an ecosystem of consumer advice and engagement which relies on business to consumer relations that lead to transparency and trust.

Rotimi Solola

  • Rotimi Solola
    University of Illinois at Chicago

    Born in Lagos, Nigeria Rotimi Solola came to the US at the age of five. Since his youth, Solola had always taken an interest in the creative side of things, but never shying away from the technical side of things. It was this balanced interest in art, design, engineering, and science that has led him on his current Industrial design path. “I would spend my allowance buying toys to tinker with and countless hour behind the computer reverse engineering, or redesigning things for fun on Sketchup.” Since making his decision to pursue Industrial designer, Rotimi has won several awards, and recognition including the 2015 IDSA Student merit award and the 2016 Core 77 Consumer design award in the student category. Today Rotimi Works to gain experience and knowledge to make valuable contributions to the world and inspire others.more

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