Inside Out


This building supports working mothers

Inside Out is a building concept designed to provide for the experiences of working mothers. Inspired by the increasing number of working mothers in cities like Dubai, the project attempts to bridge the gap between home and work. Inside Out provides an architectural response to a complex social problem by defining a unified space where mothers can work, look after their children, socialize and even seek professional help in their daily lives. In this way, the building acts as a device for acknowledging and alleviating the sacrifices made by working mothers as they attempt to balance two identities that can easily clash.

Hebah Qatanany

  • Hebah Qatanany
    American University in Dubai (AUD)

    Hebah Qatanany is a fresh graduate from the American University in Dubai with a distinctive academic record. She has emerged is an inspired young architect who is interested in studying the humanitarian impact of design. Her project Inside Out is her own manifestation of the ability of architecture to provide comfort for users. Hebah started studying the influence of modernization and urbanization on family life, especially that of working mothers. As a result, Inside Out materialized as a prototype of a multipurpose facility that serves the working mothers in Dubai. The graduation project and research received honorable mention award as a distinction amongst other final year projects. Hebah other interests also include graphic design, writing and painting and has published some of her work on different social media platforms.more

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