Jousting Segregation


Using advanced data analysis to eradicate segregation in urban areas

Physical and demographic segregation in cities is known to cause inequalities and impact health negatively, how can we reverse it?

This data driven approach - tested in Greater London - utilises community engagement and the re-purposing of space and buildings to promote social integration. When identifying patterns of segregation, a series of demographic and physical indicators were analysed, providing an openness to intervention and risk of segregation index. This index, merged with a suitability of intervention index, can identify specific districts where positive interventions can make a difference.


  • Júlia Maria Ferreira Veiga

    Júlia Maria Ferreira Veiga

    IAAC – Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

    Júlia Veiga is an architect and urban technologist. She comes from a background of architecture where she developed a special interest in urban planning and in social and community oriented aspects of design. After moving around different cites and graduating from architecture, she enrolled in the City & Technology master at IAAC. One of the developed projects was a starter-kit to tackle urban segregation in London by using data analysis along with tactical urbanism. more

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  • Maria Augusta do Amaral Kroetz

    Maria Augusta do Amaral Kroetz

    IAAC – Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

    Maria Augusta Kroetz Brazilian Architect and Urban Planner by the Universidade Federal do Paraná - Curitiba, Brazil. Alumni of the Università degli Studi di Bologna in Italy as an exchange student and currently enrolled in the Masters Program of City and Technology in the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. Currently working as an independent consultant in the intersection between technologies and urban planning. Also enrolled in a masters internship in 300.000 km/s, a barcelonian consultancy agency for cities and big data. more

  • kishwerniha Nagoor Meeran Buhari

    kishwerniha Nagoor Meeran Buhari

    IAAC – Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

    Kishwerniha Buhari is an Urban Designer, Geospatial Analyst & Architect, enticed by design & urban analytics. Graduated with a post-professional Master's in City & Technology which has equipped her with urban and mapping strategies. This experience has enlightened her with new possible trends and a quest to keep learning and researching new urbanism trends in the field. She perceives design to have an interdisciplinary principle that caters to emotion, essence, and context. Believing in a people’s centric design, She’s curiously learning the potential of Big data and how urban design can be data-driven for the future. She is currently working as a Junior Urban Designer with Egis Dubai and is hoping to expand the bounds of urban realm and people-centric interaction in the region. more



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