Give life through your death

Leaves is a sustainable coffin designed to bring burial practices into harmony with the natural world. Current Western funeral practices damage the environment by preserving bodies with toxic chemicals and encasing them in coffins that deplete natural resources, pollute the soil and require huge amounts of energy to produce. Leaves offers an alternative approach that acknowledges death as part of a natural cycle of life. Made with biodegradable and reclaimed materials, the coffin’s rope is coated in a dye containing microscopic fungal spores. Once the body is buried, the fungus grows to speed up decomposition and consume any toxins remaining in the body. A tree is then planted above the burial site so that the cemetery becomes a beacon of new life.

Shaina Garfield

  • Shaina Garfield
    Pratt Institute

    I am an Industrial Designer whose passion is using design as a means to solving complex problems and a way of questioning the world around us. As an optimist, I use my designs to create positive impact. I believe that designers are the change agents for the world and have a social and moral responsibility to do the right thing.more

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