Adaptable walking aid to enable users to reach further and walk on uneven terrain

Loco is a walking aid innovation allowing those with walking difficulties to experience the outdoors without being restricted to a flat terrain. It offers power assisted walking via an electronic tracked system, controlled by two independent triggers. It enables and encourages users to walk further and for a longer duration, enhancing stamina and improving fitness. Merging minimal design with functionality, the Loco aims to de-stigmatise assistive devices whilst offering greater freedom and independence for users, thereby bettering their quality of life and social well-being.


# Disability


Alex Holmes

  • Alex Holmes
    Sheffield Hallam University

    I am a product designer with a meticulous approach to design, aiming to create products with purpose, enhancing the quality of life for the user. Previous projects specifically Loco have been aimed towards improving independence and wellbeing. Following my graduation from Sheffield Hallam University, I hope to continue to build a reputation as a tenacious, efficient designer providing innovative solutions for clients. By having developed extensive knowledge and an aptitude for Solidworks, I have created exciting and successful products which were taken to market. With my fields of interest in UX, inclusive design and CAD, I can accurately create parts ready for tooling, understanding limitations and boundaries of most manufacturing techniques whilst communicating directly with manufacturers in the far east. more

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