Multigenerational Vertical Freej


A new housing Typology for ageing populations

Multigeneration Vertical Freej is a flexible housing development that caters to the needs and opportunities of the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE’s) ageing population. As the average life expectancy continues to increase, new forms of housing are needed to accommodate this important segment of society. The concept was developed by considering the three social scales that form a natural system in Emirati neighbourhoods, and integrating them into a vertical development. The project considers the community as a whole by designing shared common areas such as majlis, courtyards and dining areas to maximise opportunities for social interactions, increasing social capital while also promoting a positive attitude towards ageing.

Fatma Alshamsi

  • Fatma Alshamsi
    Zayed University

    Why and what if are Fatma's constant companion in seeking solutions through design toward a better life for people. She majored in Interior Design and with a minor in Curatorial Practices at Zayed University. Her academic study has influenced her way in looking at life with a much deeper perspective. The projects she worked on made her question her role as a student, interior designer and UAE citizen.more

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