Net Impact


Transforming abandoned fishing nets into sustainable urban furniture

Net impact is a proposal for a design process that takes stranded ‘ghost’ fishing nets out of the ocean and transforms them into chairs and benches for public areas. The process is inspired by a technique called “fabric dipped in cement”, where the fabric component is replaced with fishing nets. The process can be implemented employing local labourers in the fishing industry at times when fishing is not possible for environmental reasons.

Ghaniyah Manzoor

  • Ghaniyah Manzoor
    University of Karachi

    I am an industrial designer who wants to work towards sustainable designs through innovative solutions. Ever since I became a design student I was certain that I wanted to make this planet a better place to live in. After completing my studies at the University of Karachi I am working towards saving the marine life and finding a better solution to eliminate plastic pollution from the ocean. My ideology is that all living creatures are important and through design and innovation we can save millions of lives. more

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