Orion’s Belt


The average super yacht owner uses his ship for one month per year. How could the yacht be used to benefit society in its spare time?

Orion’s Belt is an environmentally conscious luxury exploration yacht that can conduct research and clean the ocean. It raises the possibility for a new form of luxury that is interwoven with sustainability. It features a hangar bay that provides an essential component for exploration and when the ship passes floating debris, two large arms funnel plastic into the rear of the hull for recycling for use on an onboard 3D printer or transportation to a processing plant.

Cal Craven

  • Cal Craven
    Royal College of Art

    Entrepreneurial masters graduate in vehicle design from the World’s top design University, the Royal College of Art and with over two years experience in the design industry. Co-founder of a successful consultancy and e commerce company, both of which are still active today. Prior to this, I completed a First class honours bachelor of design in Industrial Design, with a final major project published globally.more


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