An information campaign for the sign language impaired

#Redeafine is an awareness campaign designed to help hearing individuals gain a better understanding of deaf culture. Through offline and online posters, publications and events, the campaign introduces the basics of Indian sign language and encourages participants to break the barrier separating the hearing from the hearing impaired. This graphically unified collection of exhibitions, magazines, websites and posts is designed to stimulate conversations on deaf culture, the need to #redeafine language and to rethink the very notion of conversation itself.

Akangksha Sarmah

  • Akangksha Sarmah
    Pearl Academy

    Akangksha is a recent graduate from Pearl Academy Noida, who completed her course in Communication Design. She has a keen interest in editorial design and aims to match creativity with marketing. Thriving on her passion for honest and original communication, she loves to create both unique and memorable visuals which connect with the audience in a glance and effectively. Her guilty pleasure is to surround herself with illustrated children books and read them out loud, however, mostly to the walls. Currently, she is working at Penguin Random House India as a junior designer and secretly sneaking in books in her bag.more

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