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REheat is a collection of products that allows users to control their body temperature wherever they go. Using modern materials, REheat stores and re-emits your own body heat, simulating a mobile microclimate unique to each user. The system is composed to three products: an undergarment designed for women, the gender most affected by temperature discomfort; a modular patch that can be used with any clothing; and an app that provides the user with a means to monitor and manually override the system. In addition to providing comfort to individual users, REheat has the potential to reduce HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) usage by providing individualized microclimates and thus eliminating the need to regulate the temperature of an entire building.

Dayna Mailach

  • Dayna Mailach
    Pratt Institute

    Dayna believes that causing a little change in many lives is powerful and can have a great effect. After completing an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s University, Dayna went on to pursue her Masters of Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute. At Pratt she completed the Global Innovation Design Program where she spent time studying in New York, Tokyo, and London. Dayna’s work focuses on products and experiences to create a positive impact on the world, with a human-centric approach. Arts, sciences and humanities are all deep interests for Dayna, and she enjoys exploring the intersection of unusual fields and delving into new and obscure areas of design. She also enjoys powerful storytelling through design. Dayna has had her work featured on Core77, Fast Company, Yanko Design, Engadget and MocoLoco. Dayna currently works as a Product Designer for Umbra in Toronto, Canada.more

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