An adaptive architecture built by robots

Roblox is a robotic construction system based on precast concrete elements. Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) building blocks are snapped together like Lego pieces, making construction flexible and reversible. A robotic arm assembles the pieces into different large-scale constructions, easily joining them thanks to the interlocking system. The robot replaces the construction worker and performs the assembly process in a fast and repetitive manner, ensuring greater efficiency and a higher level of accuracy than its human counterpart.

Team RobloX

  • UCL – The Bartlett School of Architecture

    We are a team of 4 postgraduate students in the Bartlett school of Architecture (Anna Uborevich-Borovskaya, Yenfen Huang, Chenghan Yu, Hungda Chien). We are exploring the feasibility of construction through the method of discrete digital design.Roblox was developed at The Bartlett School of Architecture - Design Computation Lab - Architectural Design Research Cluster 4, lead by Manuel Jimenez Garcia, Gilles Retsin and Vicente Soler.more

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