The Portable Kitchen Hood


Portable Kitchen Hood for cooking, related to ventilation, small houses, etc

The Portable Kitchen Hood is a compact, transportable extractor fan designed for small kitchens. These fans are rarely used in small apartments or homes due to spatial limitations, leaving the kitchen to clog with the odors of food preparation. With The Portable Kitchen Hood, a robust motor pulls airborne grease and fumes through a stainless steel oil filter. It then releases filtered air back into the room, keeping the kitchen free from cooking odors. The Portable Kitchen Hood refashions the cumbersome extraction fan, making it feasible in even the most confined of kitchen spaces.

Maxime Augay

  • Maxime Augay
    ECAL, Lausanne University of Art and Design

    Maxime Augay is a young product designer from France. His fascination for objects and materials grew up after his high school, when he was studying to become engineer. He decided to change his path and after a preparation school of art in Paris, he obtained a Bachelor Degree in product design in France. In 2017, he graduated the Master Product Design at ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland. His interest in engineering and all kind of technologies gives him the possibility to implement it within his projects to come up with innovative and smart everyday objects.more

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