The Sanitie


A sanitising bracelet

When social interaction resumes, people will need devices that boost their perception of hygiene and cleanliness outside their homes. Project Sanite is a bracelet that allows safer post-pandemic social interactions. The pressure of a handshake or touching a door handle releases a sanitising solution, reinstating a sense of safety and confidence while social interactions slowly return to normality.

Claudia Brewster

  • Claudia Brewster
    Northumbria University

    Claudia Brewster is a recent graduate of Northumbria University fascinated in ‘problem solving’ design. Having begun her creative journey as a sculptor and fine artist, she channelled her creative talents into Design For a Purpose. The design projects completed during her studies were centred around social and environmental issues. Her most successful projects were focused on ‘Inclusive’ design and water conservation. She was awarded a Highly Commended runner-up Award in the International RSA Student Design Awards for her project ‘The Bath Boat’, for water conservation. At University Claudia completed an internship with an interior design company and now works as an assistant kitchen designer.more

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