The Touching Illusion


Train yourself to find tumors

The Touching Illusion is an interactive device that uses physical sensations and Virtual Reality (VR) to help train medical students to identify tumours by touch. Palpation, the application of touch to the surface of the body, is considered an essential clinical skill. As with any skill, it is best learned through repetitive practice with constructive feedback. Unfortunately, many medical students lack access to hands-on learning of this skill. The Touching Illusion’s VR training simulator provides a virtual alternative. It uses virtual and physical feedback to guide users through a series of tumor identification tests. Visual information, delivered through a VR headset, is complemented by physical sensations provided by an interactive model. The game-like experience then gives instant feedback on the user’s performance.

Dongyuan Li

  • Dongyuan Li
    Royal College of Art

    My name is Dongyuan Li, and I come from China. As a design engineer, I have a great passion in art, design and science. My education background gives me the ability to do the whole process of researching, idea generation, critical thinking, sketching, CAD building, prototyping and product finishing. And I also got the knowledge and confidence to work with people from different backgrounds. For being interested in the study of human, I also possess a BSc psychology degree. I love doing user research, user experiment and user data analysis. I think the value of design is to give people the experience of beauty, and I'm willing to achieve that with all my efforts.more

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