TIFAIN Diamond Facade


High energy efficiency building facade material

The TIFAIN Diamond Facade is a flexible, curtain-wall facade that enhances the production of solar energy with Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV). Photovoltaic cells (panels that harness solar energy) require many different angles, each specific to its function, from direction to absorption. The TIFAIN Diamond Facade, however, is a series of adaptable tiles that allows users to change the cell's angle, enabling it to perform multiple roles. A single unit can achieve the levels of solar consumption that would have previously required multiple, separate facades. Supported by a light, cable net structure, and using LUXION glass, the design ensures the highest quality with the least environmental impact. Combining several cell designs into one multipurpose tile, it is possible to create numerous layouts, and provide custom solutions for specific urban contexts and climates.

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