Tools for a Postcapitalist Transition


Open-source shields to monitor protests

The Citizen Riot Shield is an open-source project that provides information and instructions on how to build riot shields for protests. Downloadable graphics, laser-cutting templates and a growing variety of camera and phone mounts are available – allowing the user to also record the actions of police during a protest scenario. As a committed pacifist, the designer hopes that incorporating cameras within the shield will encourage peaceful action through public accountability.

Herbert Luciole

  • Herbert Luciole
    The Sandberg Institute

    Herbert Luciole - is a multidisciplinary collaboration between Barnaby Monk and Laetitia Migliore - Their work focuses on social and political projects and seeks to disrupt established political devices and ideologies.Herbert Luciole explores, iterates and evolves a variety of different “tools” that seek to facilitate and “drive’ a post capitalist transition.more

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