Combination toothbrush with replaceable parts

Toolth is an environmentally conscious, two-in-one dental tool that encourages superior hygiene. The body and base of the brush use recycled plastic, with the head made from a recyclable PET, like soft drink bottles. The bristles, available in soft, medium, or hard, are made of a hygienic nylon. Stored in the body, a dental floss cartridge contains 27 meters of floss. Using 30 cm twice daily, the floss will last for around three months. The lifespan of the brush head is also roughly three months; when the users runs out of floss, he or she knows to replace the head. Toolth is designed to reduce waste, requiring the user to simply change the head and floss cartridge, instead of disposing of an entire toothbrush. Available in a wide range of colours, Toolth is an environmentally responsible product that also enhances dental hygiene.


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