Clean and save water

Twenty is a collection of dehydrated household products designed to reduce unnecessary emissions and waste. Most of the cleaning products we use every day are composed of at least 80 percent water. This means that four-fifths of the trucks, ships and planes transporting these products are effectively transporting water. Twenty proposes to eliminate this waste and radically simplify the production and transport of household cleaning products. Users simply place a capsule into a bottle, add water, and shake. Within seconds, they can produce a cleaning liquid of the same quality and consistency as the average store-bought variety, without the need for fuel intensive, carbon-emitting shipping.

Mirjam de Bruijn

  • Mirjam de Bruijn
    Design Academy Eindhoven

    Mirjam de Bruijn uses design as a tool to push critical analysis and research further than just ideas; into actual functional. elegant and attractive products. In her work she identifies new design opportunities and develops solutions that explore the border between usability and esthetics in order to design well balanced products that are appealing to their users in form and function. In this process material and colour play a big role, as she believes that these qualities and the way they interact with our senses, are the basic ingredients in making products that people will connect to their daily life.more

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