Afra Galadari

Afra Galadari


This project was realized by a vertical architecture studio comprising of both fourth and fifth year architecture students in the Fall semester of 2017 at AUS. The team included Afra Galadari, Azmiha Raza, Bana Mansour, Basil Al Taher, Divya Mahadevan, Farah Monib, Gopika Praveen, Misbah Shehreen Baig, Moza Al Mheiri, Nermin Hegazy, Omaima Al Ansari, Sarah Al Maddah, Shahd Abdulghani, Yasmin Abdelrehim and Zahra'a Nasralla. Design development involved multiple phases of collaboration in small groups to explore different lines of inquiries, which then culminated with the entire studio working together on a single, synthesized concept to construct the final prototype in an assembly line-like process.

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