Alice Huchón Colunga

Alice Huchón Colunga


It is basic to have always the mind in a creative space. The industrial design is a tool that contributes opportunities to the society getting improved day after day. My approach is to analyse the diverse problematic ones that not always are evident of finding and to solve them in a concrete way. I think that it is important to be able to work with different disciplines and learn of them to be able to achieve interesting projects in order that they come out. To create an object carries the challenge of coming to a result that promotes this invention to an out-standing place, one more object not to become of everything what already exists.
To innovate does part of the vocabulary of the creator, is a word that invites to try new forms, materials, spaces being a part of a change that guards always his gun-sight in the aim.
The design can come in many areas the challenge is in how this one proposes new ideas in these spaces.

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