Amani Al-Othman

Amani Al-Othman


Dr. Amani Al-Othman joined AUS in 2013. She is currently the Petrofac Endowed Chair
in Renwable Energy. Dr. Al-Othman has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the
University of Ottawa, a Master’s degree in Mining, Metals and Materials Engineering from
McGill University and a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from Jordan University
of Science and Technology. Her research at AUS focuses on fuel cells technology and
renewable energy applications. Research activities also include the development of nano-
composite materials/polymers for fuel cells and solar cells. Dr. Al-Othman is a lead
investigator in the energy research group at the department of Chemical Engineering/AUS.
The group aims at developing novel materials and coatings for self-cleaning solar Cells.
Dr. Al-Othman is also affiliated with the Biomedical Engineering Graduate program and
works on the development of implantable electrodes for neural sensing/stimulation. She
has been AUS top-cited researcher for the past 3 years and published more than a 100
peer-reviewed scholarly articles. Dr. Al-Othman is a trustee at the Sharjah international
Future Readiness Award launched by Sharjah Police 2022/2023.

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