Durrah Alomar

Durrah Alomar


Durrah Alomar, a 24 years old design graduates from Al Zubair, Iraq. I’ve been living in Jordan due to the conflict in my home country. I’ve studied design and visual communication at GJU in Amman, Jordan. My love for design started in high school. I always thought of it as a fun and interesting method to express myself, but after 5 years of study I became very passionate about it.
In my university I got to work in different fields of design that vary from script writing and movie making to product design, packaging, branding and fashion design. What attracts me to this field of study is the idea that as a designer your work could influence people, and each person can relate to your work in a different way. Knowing that people can be united with great concepts makes me want to give the world the best I could.

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