Evadine Okoye

Evadine Okoye


I am a London based cross disciplined designer who specialises in Interior Architecture and (now) holds a postgraduate in Service Design at The Royal College of Art.

As a Service designer, I design and develop services and strategies by studying people’s behaviours and building design cases on a holistic understanding of their needs through a user centred approach. I make abstract conceptual ideas tangible and work on solutions that will equally be profitable for all associated stakeholders through the use of various design tools and research methodologies.

Although my practice can be applied to various sectors (eg. financial), my underlining passion is embedded within the provision of services within the public sector, specifically in the area of healthcare (eg. mental health). So by combining my skills as an Interior Architect and Spatial Designer, I am also able to design enabling spaces that ‘house’ a service within a harmonious and stimulating atmosphere through a thoughtful combination of colours, sounds, smells, textures and materials to be aesthetically pleasing yet functional for it’s users.