Gemma Delgado Morell

Gemma Delgado Morell


Gemma Delgado Morell is the researcher and author behind 'Photodermis'. With this project she aims to position herself as a versatile profile with strong and conscious ideals generating valuable incidence from intersections between Science, Technology and Design fields.

Defining herself as a rigorous, sensitive, critical and ambitious being, Gemma founds her comfort zone between academic articles, explorative work requiring high methodological skills and social implications which to face, think about and communicate. Because of this, she generally feels motivated in front of transdisciplinary projects involving diverse knowledge areas and experts.

So far, Gemma’s short trajectory –mostly academic until the moment– has especially focused on critical, social and respectful
design; research, experimentation and engineering of materials; and body and emotions related proposals. Therefore, in 2017 she had the chance of participating in a social project happening in Athens, involving refugee people. 'Restos' is the associated proposal she developed from that experience, which was later highlighted in the Ecodesign Award of Catalonia 2019. Also, during that year, she created 'Plaxtile', a composite from laundry waste whose idea was bought at the beginning of 2020 by the multinational company Girbau. Between 2019 and 2020 she developed her most rigorous and extensive project called 'Photodermis', a research on smart inks which culminated her degree. The project won an ei! award from Elisava for being the best final degree project in the materials category. Because of this, Gemma was be selected as one of the 30 High Potentials 2021 of the Art Directors Club of Europe and Experimenta Magazine write a review on the project. Recently 'Photodermis' has been awarded with the Ecodesign Award of Catalunya 2021.

Gemma is an Elisava's graduate Industrial Design Engineer, currently studying an Oficial Master about Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Gemma’s colleagues normally acclaim her never-ending ambition, efficiency, sensitivity and discussion, generally defining
her projects. As a student, she has been highlighted for her critical, thoughtful and active talent.

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