Jiye Moon

Jiye Moon


Tony Lien: As a designer, He believes that all things are interconnected with each other. Every experience in life has the opportunity to spark ideas of brilliance. It is this interconnection that forms the basis of his designs, which he build on with deeper thought. Aesthetics are part of the core fundamentals of his vision, while logical thinking structures the shape of the idea. Tony has recently completed an MA in Vehicle Design at the Royal College of Art in London.

Pere Bruach: Pere Bruach was born in Barcelona. He began his career in graphic design, and later moved on to London to specialise in textiles at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, followed by Printed Textiles at the Royal College of Art. His work focuses on material, colour and pattern, using both analogue and digital printing techniques. His most recent work at the RCA explores the possibilities of wool, using fibre printing, screen printing techniques and moulding processes. The versatility of his textiles allows him to develop products for fashion, accessories and Interior contexts.

iHui Guo: The car industry is changing rapidly in this day and age. Styling-oriented design logic is influenced by newly emerging technologies, marketing and consumer demands. What kind of roles can we young vehicle designers play in this new era that is full of possibilities?
Design thoughtfully, design smartly.

Florian Kainz: Coming from a background of versatile interests and curiosity, as a designer, Florian Kainz follows a thinking process that tries to include the whole picture of the human-product interaction. In the core of the creation process, he believes, are always a craving for innovation, meaning and honest storytelling to let the user enjoy and remember objects in a natural way. Of course this does not leave out his passion for starting with a blank sheet of paper only to fill dozens of them with quick scribbles and detailed form proposals.

Jiye Moon: N/A

Ed Tam: Ed is an experienced global marketer having led numerous award winning campaigns around the world. He was a creative strategist at Naked, TBWA and Mindshare, before joining Nike as a senior marketing leader. Ed was responsible for the launch of Nike+ in China, as well as a number of high profile initiatives in the Nike Running category. Ed has recently completed an MA in Service Design at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London. He is currently opened to select opportunities in brand, design and innovation.

Supaluck Benyasam: Born in Bangkok, living in London, my full name is Supaluck Benyasarn. Had trained in Architecture School before, I am interested in the parallels between fashion and architecture for such a long time. Fashion and architecture share the design discipline based on human body in relation to space, volume, and movement. I see “weaving” as one of the architectonic process. Plaiting warp and weft together in orthodox combination can create spatial, complex in a single surfaces.

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