Maria Castillo

Maria Castillo


Industrial Designer and Visual Thinker. Born and raised in Lima, Peru which culture narrates my vision. South America is Known for its narrative; where hyperbole is the norm, and the distinction between dreams and reality is thin. Born and raised in Lima, my vision is guided by my culture. This is my narrative. “Resonate” is an embodiment of this narrative, where the users engage with one another through an intangible, audio experience.

In 2013, I started my studies in Fine Arts and Sculpture at “Corriente Alterna” at Lima, Peru. The studies evoked my interest in design, and my curiosity within the creative field grew.

In 2013, I moved to New York City to pursue my Bachelors Degree in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute which I was awarded in 2017. Bonding my culture and New York City, opens a new path and an interesting journey.

Currently working within the Design Industry, I am an entrepreneur, pursuing the validation of my concepts and projects.
-In 2017, “Resonate” was exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, NY. This was a great opportunity for me to validate points of interaction and culture involvement.
-In 2018, I participated at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in Greenhouse Unit for young designers and at Milan Design Week, Isola design district, which exhibit theme was ; ‘Rethinking Materials’. Opportunity that allowed me to expose an innovative and flexible system.
-2018, Core 77 Built Environment Design awarded “Resonate”.
-Currently, I am looking forward on launching another of my projects which main focus is to have an impact on users, interaction and performance.

Living in New York City I have grown more sensitive as a visual designer, and wiser as a design thinker. Merging my origins and creative field has lead me to pursue my passion; sharing my narrative through design.
Press releases based on Milan design week: