Michal Lipschuetz

Michal Lipschuetz


I am a registered nurse researcher and lecturer in the field of Clinical Epidemiology.

In order to improve human health it is necessary to join hands around the world. In the "global village" in which we live, inclusive, qualitative research can only be promoted through cooperation among researchers in all facets of the research process.
The research edifice is founded on the building blocks laid by great and small researchers who shared their results with the world, where their work is taken up and continued by others who further their theories and discoveries in their own research.
Over the years, different disciplines have found their way, with their unique tools, to achieve scientific breakthroughs. I believe that today, a multidisciplinary study approach is necessary, and that the contribution of professional researchers in various fields will lead to the formulation of a richer and more realistic research puzzle. Collaborative projects such as these allow for the integration of tools and findings from different fields of science to promote and enrich research and knowledge in other fields. For example, the use of large data analytics tools in the fields of finance and computer science, combined with medical knowledge, leads to the analysis and advancement of medicine through bioinformatics.
I believe that a combination of different research schools with people from different cultures and beliefs will advance research and humanity to create a more benign world.

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