Regina Abán Tapia

Regina Abán Tapia


I am a Mexican Industrial Designer, I graduated in 2020 from Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión, located in Mexico City. I am currently in France pursuing a master’s degree in Food Design at L'école de Design Nantes Atlantique.
Through ANDO, my thesis project, I redesigned the hospital gown commonly used by patients in medical centers with the purpose of prioritizing their dignity, and at the same time easing the work for medical staff. The results take into consideration facilitating physical recovery and treatment.
ANDO was inspired by a personal event that occurred during my adolescence: I accompanied my best friend through his cancer treatment. I watched how the traditional hospital gown only made him feel worse, and how something so simple could have improved his experience significantly.
I further developed this observation and realized that its users are not only patients, but also doctors and nurses because they must interact with it to properly do their job; however, the current design prioritizes these last two groups over the patients’ one. During the design process I continuously interviewed four members of each group in order to understand their needs, and have my project be truly user-centered.
The thing that I am most proud of is that my proposals have been tested and work well. I know that they could have made my best friend's journey through cancer at least a little bit lighter, so I am now making an effort to see them being used. I am eager to see ANDO helping patients in real life.

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