Silvana Herrera

Silvana Herrera


I am a Product Designer from the University of Talca, I also have a Master in Industrial Design at the University of Girona, who works in the area of visual impairment. After finishing my studies at the University I dedicated myself to work in development and research in the development of a device for free mobility in visually impaired in addition to teaching at the School of Design at the same University.
I am currently working on MOV, a sonar field sensory band for spatial orientation in visually impaired people, which is currently developed in a technological maturity scale TRL5.
My inspiration goes for the social habitation of users, that visually impaired people are seen as subjects of rights and not charity, giving them a contemporary object and not an orthopedic object.
My goal with this project is that people can move freely, without using their haptic skills or their hands, so they can walk hand in hand, hug each other or carry an object, more than anything else to give them independence.

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