Team Bundle

Team Bundle


We a team of industrial design students from the Rochester Institute of Technology focusing on medical equipment organization. Arthroscopic procedures require the use of reusable power cords and disposable tubing. These cords and tubes easily tangle, making surgery set-up cumbersome and time-consuming. We designed a system that keeps tubes and cords manageable and organized while fulfilling sterilization requirements. This allows for a seamless set-up from the sterile tray to the operating. Our product’s end users will be surgeons, technicians, nurses, and sterile processing staff. They require an efficient set-up, proper sterilization, and adaptability. Through surgery observations, we found that each staff member has their own preferences and preparation methods for arthroscopic procedures, but all experience similar organizational challenges. We factored this into our design solution that can be adapted to a variety of configurations, preferences, and situations. Bundle consists of four main components: the tray insert, articulating arm, arm attachment, and cuffs.The tray insert provides an organized arrangement of the toolheads and power cables for sterile processing to coil and for the O.R. technician to uncoil. The articulating arm serves as a central anchor point for tubes and cables that is mounted to the surgical bed accessory rail and can be easily positioned within the sterile field. The arm attachments are made with class six medical grade silicone and provide easy insertion and removal of cables and tubes. The cuffs are optional components that group the cables and tubes together into bundles. We intend to further develop the cuffs and implement the bundle system into operating rooms at Rochester Regional Health, starting with arthroscopy, and ultimately expand into other procedures.

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