Zhixuan Wang

Zhixuan Wang


Dr. Zhixuan Wang is the Founder of Algreen. She achieved her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London and delivered +5 first-author scientific publications on biomaterial innovation. She has +10 years of biomass research experience and +5 years of fermentation and separation process simulation and optimization experience. She founded Algreen in 2020 after winning first place in an Imperial College London startup competition, We Innovate. She is also the 2021 National Geographic Explorer (US) and the 2021/22 Enterprise Fellow (Royal Academy of Engineering, UK). She leads multiple Innovate UK projects and has successfully accomplished three of them. She filed Algreen's first patent on biobased polyurethane and oversees Algreen's technical development, company management and future scaling-up. She is passionate about green chemistry and biomaterials and would be keen to lead Algreen to commit to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

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