Comfortable self-assembly scoliosis brace

Existing scoliosis braces are uncomfortable and have poor patient compliance leading to less effec-tive treatment outcomes

Airy is an AI customisable brace which can be adjusted as teenagers grow, increasing comfort and therefore compliance. It has an integrated monitor to track the daily wearing time of the patient and both doctor and patient can access the data and communicate via an app, which allows them to instantly review the treatment and consider any modification required.

Sangyu Xi

  • Sangyu Xi
    DAAP – University of Cincinnati

    Sangyu Xi (zh: 席桑榆) is an award-winning interdisciplinary designer and programmer. Her career objective is to empower people and integrate evolving technology with the limited resources available to facilitate positive changes in the world. Sangyu earned a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Cincinnati. Prior to that, she studied Computer Science for two years, laying the groundwork for her subsequent embrace of computational design. During her student years, she completed six internships, spanning corporate and consulting firms in the US and Japan. Her works have been featured on James Dyson Award, Dezeen, Designboom etc. more

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