Cancer Diagnostic Probe


Patented cancer cell detection system

A major hurdle to the recovery of breast cancer patients is the accuracy of both diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

This nanostructure probe can detect cancerous cells left in the cavity during surgery, alerting sur-geons of suspicious areas within 15 seconds, allowing for the removal of high-risk cells. This elimi-nates the need for repeat surgery and its unwanted repercussions and leads to minimal damage to healthy tissue. The probe has an estimated sensitivity of 97%.


  • Hadi Ghafari

    Hadi Ghafari

    Iran University of Science and Technology

    As a product designer, I can help you with one of the most powerful tools (Design and Design Thinking) for smoothing the journey from research insight to practical, marketable applications, I provides structure and focus to the innovation journey by helping to find practical applications for research insights and mapping the route from idea to market proposition, more

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  • Bahman Ghabraie

    Bahman Ghabraie

    University of Tehran

    After working 10 years in my first course of Survey Eng. I returned to university to study my favorite course of Industrial Design. I have worked for Behman Design Group (a furniture designing co.) for a year, having so many challenges in designing products, then joined NanoHesgarSazan Co. (a medical devices co. works on Cancer) as co-designer and from a year ago as head designer. In this complex we start with an idea and lead it to become a commercial product. more



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