Al Selah – Rethinking the city and nature


Merging green spaces into the city infrastructure

Al Selah was created to establish a closer connection between the city and nature. The project proposes to build a vertical green site as an alternative to the expansion across land. Walkways that connect people through the Mangrove National Park in addition to the kayaking activity. Skywalks and sky gardens that allow people to interact with the mangrove in different levels. A series of vertical follies that offers a unique experience, and allows for 360 views of the important components of Abu Dhabi's natural and cultural landscape.

Dima Banat

  • Dima Banat

    Dima Banat

    Abu Dhabi University

    I am an architect who is interested in the future of architectural design and its implications for industry and communities, as I have always strived to achieve my dreams of improving people's and the environment's quality of life. After completing my studies at Abu Dhabi University, I look to begin a career focusing on sustainable designs and innovative architectural typologies to build and plan our cities in order to face the impending crisis and make the world a better place for everyone.more

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