Amman Agricultural Patch


Integrating food and agricultural practices in to city infrastructure

Amman Agricultural Patch aims to transform brown field sites into sustainable city farms that can better serve their local community. The project was inspired by forthcoming plans to vacate a substantial area - located in the Qwaismeh district in east Amman, one of the densest areas in the city. The proposed plan comprises growing areas designed following the Wheat Fields Linear System, a lab and amenity space, and it is supported by a water canal system.

Salahuddin Rawashdeh

  • Salahuddin Rawashdeh

    Salahuddin Rawashdeh

    German Jordanian University

    I am an architect with a focus on projects with social open spaces. Since I have completed a bachelor's in architecture in the school of architecture and built environment at the German Jordanian University, I am looking forward to achieving a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in the field of urban landscape design. In the Arab world we lack green open spaces, with very dry cities. I want to become an academic architect so I can encourage future students in the Arab world to focus on green open space designs, and its importance on improving the quality of all of our lives. more

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