High-performance atoxic flame retardant made from algae

AlgoBio is a non-toxic flame retardant with fire resisting properties superior to solutions in current use and it is ten times more effective than required industry standards. The materials used to manufacture the retardant do not present any toxic risk to humans or the environment, so they can be disposed of into mainstream landfill. As the number of dangerous flame retardants being banned by government regulation is increasing, it is imperative that materials such as the biopolymer derived from plants and nanoparticles utilised by Algobio are brought into mainstream use.


  • Anneke van Heuven

    Anneke van Heuven

    University of Waterloo

    As we all graduated from Nanotechnology Engineering we have an extensive amount of nanomaterials experience and the technical skills required to build a product in this field. Anneke has experience working at various start-up companies, which has given her exposure to early product development and the start-up grind. As the CEO, she brings a vision to AlgoBio, an entrepreneurial mindset, and her time management, organization, proactive, and collaboration skills will help it succeed. As the CTO, Elias brings a technology edge to the team with his time spent in research and development and is experienced in material characterization, nanoparticle formulation, and functionalization. He is passionate about the technology AlgoBio has developed and will develop in the future and possesses extensive technical knowledge on the materials science principles needed for AlgoBio’s technology. Tessah possesses extensive experience at start-ups conducting stakeholder management, business development, product lifecycle management, and marketing. As the Head of Product Operations, she is working hard to get AlgoBio’s product into customers’ hands. We are all passionate about working on a product that will improve the health of people and the planet.more

  • Elias Trouyet
  • Tessah Costello


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