Present your project – make a lasting impact!

We invite you to join us to take part in our programme celebrating solutions addressing the most pressing challenges of our time. Showcase your project and together let’s work towards creating a brighter future for all!

Benefits include:

  • An invitation to Dubai for students and professors of selected projects
  • Prize fund of $100,000
  • Global publicity
  • Investment opportunities
  • Venture-building Programme for all applicants
  • Collaboration Programme for all professors

Key Dates

  • Feb


    Applications Open

  • Aug


    Applications Close

  • Oct


    Selection Announcement

Who can participate?

Students and recent graduates of any undergraduate or postgraduate course are welcome to apply. Graduates who gained their qualification no more than two years ago are also eligible to participate.
Applications can be submitted either by the student/graduate, or, by the project supervising professor on behalf of the student/graduate.


Evaluation Criteria

Our criteria outlined will serve as the basis for the evaluation and is used by the jurors to evaluate all aspects of each entry.

  • Positive impact on people, communities or the planet 

Whether addressing social issues, environmental concerns, or community development, the potential positive influence of each project will be a crucial factor.

  • Rigour of academic research

We are seeking projects that demonstrate a deep understanding of the challenges addressed, demonstrating the students’ ability to identify pertinent issues, as well as their subsequent comprehensive research.

  • Application of technology 

Technological integration, be it low or high, will be a significant aspect for consideration. Whether incorporating cutting-edge advancements or utilising simple yet efficient solutions, the effective leveraging of technology is crucial for your project’s success.